Client Testimonials

Below are some comments from our clients that we have collected over the years.

Here's what Andrew Davis (BRS Architects Web Site and Corporate Documents) had to say:

I would like to sincerely thank you for the time and effort you put forth in order to create an impressive web site for BRS Architects. The finished product has and will continue to leave a lasting impression on our clients.

From our initial meeting, I have appreciated your attention to detail, willingness to learn about BRS and the industry of architecture, as well as how receptive you were to my ideas. I was pleased with the initial design concept you provided and am extremely satisfied with the additions to the web site, demonstrating your attentiveness to the unique needs of BRS. Because of your hard work, the web site was finished within the predicted time-frame, allowing BRS to present it to many important clients at our annual Open House. The reception to the web site has been very positive, which is a trend I expect to continue.

Thank you again, Chris, for creating a professional and effective web site that has proved to be an extremely useful marketing tool for BRS Architects. I will definitely recommend Implied By Design to my colleagues and look forward to working with you more in the future.

Here's what Josh Cardenas (BRS Architects Web Site and Corporate Documents) had to say:

I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation to Implied By Design for their outstanding efforts on our company website, intranet, extranet and marketing and print material. Following a number of interviews with other firms, we selected IBD because of their apparent skill level and talent made obvious by the portfolio of work shown to us during the interview process. As well, we felt we could work closely with IBD during the programming and design phases of the project to insure a successful endeavor.

From initial program design to implementation, IBD was always responsive to our requests, questions, and concerns. BRS wanted an internet that was rich in design yet simple in function and that is what was produced. We required a highly functional and expandable intranet that was intuitive and adaptable to our business and IBD delivered. We wanted an easy to use extranet that catered to our clients and consultants providing added value to our service, and we got it. We needed a full makeover of our office stationary and marketing collateral that reflects a highly capable regional architecture firm, and Chris worked closely with the BRS's marketing team to design and develop a package that truly fits the bill. Most importantly, we needed a firm that would be accessible and provide a high degree of personal attention to our project needs and for these reasons, I offer my highest recommendation to Implied By Design.

Here's what Jon Vandergrift (Everything Sports) had to say:

I just wanted to write and say how happy I am with your design of When I first started developing my website, my goals were to sell merchandise and advertising. To do this, I needed to have a website with a top-shelf professional appearance. A professional appearance is essential in developing client and consumer confidence in my company.

Your design has helped my website become one of the best NASCAR-related websites on the web today. My business has doubled in just a few months since its completion. I receive numerous emails weekly commenting on the professional appearance and functionality of my site.

I was also impressed with the way you conducted business. You were always attentive to my requests, and finished the design of my site in a timely fashion. I have a few more ideas in store, and you will be the one I come to first!

Here's what Linda Jackson (Emmett Cherry Festival Logo) had to say:

As we close out our year, I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for the significant role that Implied By Design has played in helping the chamber develop its image and marketing strategies.

We really appreciated the process that you used to get to know our organization and our needs. Your analysis of our situation has been both accurate and insightful and has helped us to plan how we can best utilize our advertising dollars.

The logos you created for our signature event, The Emmett Cherry Festival, gave us a brand to develop and enlarge. And the Emmett Cruise Night logo for the People's Choice Awards was certainly a bestseller and the most creative piece that the chamber has used.

Chris, I look forward to working with you on more projects. I appreciate your professional, courteous manner and I heartily recommend Implied By Design with confidence.

Here's what Scott G. Kimball (The Aspen Condominiums) had to say:

Before we hired you to design the Aspen Lofts web site, we knew from your portfolio that you were the web design company for us. Your impeccable knack for putting together easy to navigate, professional web designs was a quality that we found very attractive. When sent us the first concept for the Aspen Lofts web site, you hit it right on the nose. With a few minor adjustments, we had a design we were very excited about.

I also appreciated the fact that you were available for feedback, and never left me hanging. The site was developed in time for some potentially important public relations coverage, so the site was ready for those looking for more information. I think the site is going to be a great asset to us as our company grows, and we know that Implied By Design offers everything we'll need down the road for expanding our web site and leveraging it as a marketing tool.

Thanks again for everything, it's been great working with you.

Here's what Chris White (Regal Heritage Homes) had to say:

Thanks for helping us out with our brand. The Web is an increasingly important factor in branding as well as marketing, and cannot be over-emphasized. We shopped around before deciding on IBD as our Web design partner. Regal Heritage Homes, Inc. decided to work with IBD because of its professionalism, quality of work, and the fact that the firm is local to the Boise area. Not only this, but also the pricing was very much consistent with high value and fit our budget quite well.

Chris's work on our Web site and logo satisfies us immensely and comes very highly recommended. IBD is a great firm to work alongside with in establishing Web presence, company image, and Web-based solutions, and their experience speaks for itself through our Web site.

Thanks, IBD, for everything. We look forward to working with you in the future as we grow, and for updates as needed.

Here's what Glen Silcock (One World Media) had to say:

One World Media, Inc. recently hired Implied By Design to re-design our web site. We wanted something with flare that was easier for our customers to use, and that's exactly what you provided! The new site looks great, and will definitely complement the other ways we connect with potential customers.

I was particularly impressed with your response time to changes, and your willingness to be flexible as our ideas for the site changed during the process.

We've already gotten a good response from the new site design, and we expect the trend to continue. Thank you!

Here's what Lisa Greer (Greer Government Group) had to say:

As a small business, it is important to know when to outsource a task rather than stumble through it internally. I quickly discovered that I was spending too much time designing and maintaining my website and marketing collateral. Time I should have been spending on my business.

The smartest move I made was to engage Implied by Design to redesign my marketing collateral and website. You quickly understood my preferences and created documents that reflect our corporate culture.

Our website and brochure now "pops" thanks to your efforts.
Most importantly, now that you are maintaining my site, I am free to focus on my business. I am very impressed with the speed and accuracy of your services. Now, rather than taking hours of painful effort, making changes to my site is as easy as sending you an e-mail! Your responsiveness and professionalism has allowed me to develop my business.

Definitely money well spent!

Here's what Glen Knight (Knight Associates, Inc) had to say:

I want to thank you for the great web site you created fro my business this past year. A you know, I had two specific goals: 1) to redesign my current web site for a more contemporary look and 2) make the web site information customizable without technical involvement. I can say you met and exceeded my expectations.

On a personal note, I appreciated the many suggestions you offered and you continually challenged me to look at my web site from a different perspective. I also appreciated your patience with me regarding what may have seemed like endless changes.

Thanks again and I look forward to working with you on future projects

Here's what Troy Wheeler (EPM2E Web Site) had to say:

Implied By Design recently completed our new EPM2e web site, and I have to say that I was very impressed with the result. We wanted a web site that would give our potential clients a great first impression, and you have done just that. Kudos!

When we begin the process of discussing the needs for our web site, you were eager to learn about our target market and about the services we provide. We spent several hours discussing what we do and what we wanted to accomplish, and you soaked it all up like a sponge. You asked very pertinent questions, and were very detailed in your analysis of our needs. By the time you started designing our site, I was confident that you knew enough about our company to really convey the right message to our audience.

You blew us away with your first design concept for our web site. The photos you used were perfect and the design was easy to navigate. As you know, the final design was very similar to your initial concept because we were so happy with what you came up with.

During the design process, you were very receptive to our requests, and any changes to the site were made quickly and seamlessly. I felt you were always there to answer my questions and to offer valuable advice.

The speed at which the whole design process took place was more than satisfactory. You must have been working day and night to develop our web site within the time frame we requested. You had our web site up and running just time for an important meeting where it was a key marketing component. The responses we have received from the web site so far have been extremely positive, and we expect that trend to continue.

I have and will continue to recommend Implied By Design to my associates, and you will be my first call the next time we have a need for web design services.

Here's what Tom Blessinger (Black Canyon Planned Community) had to say:

In March of this year we met with you to discuss our plans to revise our web site. At this first meeting we discussed our web site needs and objectives, and spent time discussing our project, and the Black Canyon Partners' vision with you. We were impressed by how easily you immediately became part of the Black Canyon team. Immediately after that initial meeting, we decided Implied By Design was the firm we wanted to contract with.

When you presented your proposal for our web site we were very impressed with the detail and scope of work we could expect from Implied By Design. Once we provided you with the information you requested, it did not take long for you to bring us your first design concept. You accepted our suggestions and ideas, and changes were made quickly. Our site is very easy to navigate and is filled with all the information we were hoping for. The exciting thing about our site is that is can be easily expanded as our needs grow. We appreciate how swiftly you make any needed updates for us, as we have become dependent on your expert help. You have never let us down!

Since launching our web site in July, we have received many compliments on how great it looks, and we thank you for that.

We continue to recommend Implied By Design to our associates and always give recognition to your work wile presenting the Black Canyon Project.

Here's what Joseph Cowman (Joseph Cowman Web Site) had to say:

Earlier this year you built our new web site, which showcases my artwork and allows customers to purchase prints of my work online. If there is one word that describes our new web site, it's "Awesome!" I get comments from people all the time about how easy the site is to use. Even other web designers I know are impressed with the work you have done for us.

As an artist, visual appeal was my biggest concern with the web site design. I wanted something that would draw people in. When I saw your first design concept, I was very excited. I couldn't stop looking at it! The colors, the layout, and the way you integrated my work into the design was perfect.

When the site was completed, I was amazed with how quickly the site downloaded. Even though the web site features large photos of my work, I never feel like any of the pages take too long to load.

The system you built for me to manage my gallery and store makes life very easy. I love how I can just enter in a little information and instantly have a new piece of my work on the web site.

Most of all, I appreciate the professionalism with which you do business. You are always eager to hear my ideas and to explain things I don't quite understand. During the design process, you were willing to hear what I thought was important and make it come alive in the web site.

I'm looking forward to seeing the site grow and develop, and I know you will be there for me along the way.

Here's what Valerie Lawrence (Soul Touch Massage and Spa) had to say:

Implied by Design is a fantastic web design and logo business. I have never used either of those services before and didn't know what to expect. But Chris was very thorough and personable and made it a pleasant experience. He is great with follow through and all the work was done to my satisfaction. Whenever I requested a change or had a concern he treated me like it mattered to him and was never sensitive about it. I'm very happy with both my logo and web site and I highly recommend Implied By Design.

Here's what Heather A. Cunningham (Davison, Copple, Copple & Cox) had to say:

We were very pleased with Implied By Design. Recently, our firm hired Implied By Design to update our website. Their service was timely, economical, and the results were very impressive.

Our firm had a very specific idea of what we wanted our website to communicate to our clients and the public. During the design process, it was always very easy to convey our needs and have them understood. The designer we worked with, Chris Shattuck, took the time to make sure he knew exactly what we wanted and was able to effectively translate our ideas into a great site. We also asked for some custom programming, which was very well done. IN the end, we have exactly what we were looking for.

All of the deadlines were met and all our specifications were followed. Therefore, I would recommend Implied By Design without hesitation.

Here's what Michael Stoneman (The Marshall Company Web Site) had to say:

I would just like to tell you how pleased we are with the new website. I have heard nothing but good things from our customers.

I have to say, I have been putting off re-designing our website because of the hassle of finding a company and trying to convey to them what I wanted. Implied By Design made the process extremely easy and painless. All I had to do was send over some photos and descriptions, and you handled the rest.

Your first concept design was extremely easy to navigate and the layout was impressive. I have since sent over a few additions, and they were handled very quickly as expected.

I appreciate the recommendations you gave us for a new website provider. I am very pleased with them as well.

Thank you for your hard work. We would definitely recommend using Implied By Design to anyone needing your services.

Here's what Mark Barker (Promontory Enterprises Web Site) had to say:

I would like to take this opportunity to give my wholehearted recommendation of Chris Shattuck and the Implied By Design team for web site design and development needs. Three key areas in which IBD has excelled have been of critical importance to the construction and maintenance of my company’s web site.

1. Communication. The IBD team is very responsive to both email and voice communication. They are very careful to communicate in such a way that I am confident that they understand my situation, and they clearly state their proposed solutions to the issue. Furthermore, they provide practical options for each issue I present so that I can make decisions based on cost and benefit.

2. Flexibility: Chris has developed our site so that we may manage content and color wherever practical, and dutifully and expediently maintains those areas for us that are beyond our technical capability. His team understands that we are a young, growing company and that due to a lack of time or resources, we are not always able to provide IBD with the best photographic materials or development guidance. In these situations, IBD works effectively with the resources and information provided.

3. Budget: As a young company, we are not able to devote excess discretionary cash to our marketing effort. The IBD team understands this, and as such has always sought to provide us with excellent value for the money we spend. Chris and his team have been very careful to provide maximum utility without exceeding our budget limits.

Finally, IBD is enthusiastic about what they do. I believe that they take their work personally, as though their product is a reflection of their company and team members. They are always ready and eager to discuss opportunities and make improvements to our web site, all the while remembering our goals, our target audience, and our budget limitations. It would be hard to ask for more from a web site development firm.

Here's what Ben Wheeler (Treasure Valley Sitters Web Site and Logo) had to say:

When we first decided to start an online business, we weren't sure exactly what was available in terms of service providers. When we contacted Implied By Design, we knew right off the bat that they knew what they were doing. They began by asking some important questions about the process we wanted our customers to go through when they visited our site. Once they knew what we wanted, they put together an online proposal for us very quickly. The proposal was easy to read and understand, and their prices were more than reasonable for kind of services we were looking for.

The first step in our project was to get a logo designed, and Implied By Design hit the nail on the head. They offered us several different custom designs to choose from and then adjust the design we liked several times to give it exactly the kind of look we were going for. The finished logo looks great in color and black and white - perfect for different printing needs.

Implied By Design delivered the completed web site before their deadline, which gave us some time to go through the details of the site to discover any issues before our potential customers did. The administrative area of the site is great! It's incredibly easy to use and intuitive. They did everything we can think of to make it easy for us to manage customers, orders, and other important data.

Since then, whenever we've had issues or requested additions to the site, Implied By Design has been quick to respond. We're so glad we ended up with them, it's difficult to imagine another firm doing as great as a job as these guys. We'll keep recommending Implied By Design to our associates for web and logo design, and will definitely call upon them the next time we need their services.

Here's what Chris White (Regal Heritage Homes Web Site and Logo) had to say:

Thanks for helping us out with our brand. The Web is an increasingly important factor in branding as well as marketing, and cannot be over-emphasized. We shopped around before deciding on IBD as our Web design partner. Regal Heritage Homes, Inc. decided to work with IBD because of its professionalism, quality of work, and the fact that the firm is local to the Boise area. Not only this, but also the pricing was very much consistent with high value and fit our budget quite well.

Chris's work on our Web site and logo satisfies us immensely and comes very highly recommended. IBD is a great firm to work alongside with in establishing Web presence, company image, and Web-based solutions, and their experience speaks for itself through our Web site.

Thanks, IBD, for everything. We look forward to working with you in the future as we grow, and for updates as needed.

Here's what Dale Reynolds (Reynolds Plumbing and Mechanical Logo) had to say:

We recently hired Implied By Design to design our new Reynolds Plumbing and Mechanical logo, and are very happy with the result. We just applied large vinyl stickers to the side of our fleet vehicles, and they look great! The design worked well not only for our vehicles, but also for our shirts, business cards and hats.

Implied By Design was recommended to us by a trusted associate. When we had our initial meeting with you, I appreciated the amount of time you took to really understand what it was we wanted to accomplish with our new logo. When we concluded our meeting, I was confident that we chose the right company.

I really liked several of the design concepts you came up with initially, and you were very flexible when we asked for adjustments and changes. Your positive, "anything's possible" attitude made working with you through this process a pleasure.

Thank you once again for a great logo! I will recommend you to my associates whenever they express a need for graphic design.

Implied By Design Logo