Rounded Corners

Get the Edge Off With Some Rockin' Rounded Corners

Feeling square? Let us round your corners for you! Waxing is extra.

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HTML Code:
PHP Code:


  1. First, click the "Download Images" button to download the rounded corner images. This contains all of the styles. Unzip it and put the folder in your web sites main directory.
  2. Next, click the text box under either "HTML Code" or "PHP Code" to select the code. The PHP code uses a nice little function that is easier to look at than the entire HTML table, but both are just as functional.
  3. Copy the code by clicking CTL+C.
  4. Paste the code into a blank web page, save it, upload it and visit it online to make sure it works.
  5. To use the rounded corners on other pages, just follow the instructions on that page. Basically, you will just be copying the CSS styles and the code, either HTML or PHP, into each page you use the rounded corners.
  6. To improve search engine optimization and overall ease, paste the styles into an external stylesheet, and the PHP functions into a global header of some kind. That way, if you need to change them later, you just have one file to deal with.

Click the round corner style you would like to use.

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