Web Counters are Up!

There we go. I'm a big fan of DreamHost customer support. Every once in a while something happens that shouldn't (as is a common problem with all types of businesses, one would think), but they'll quick to respond and I think their staff must go through customer relations training. They're always super polite. Take for instance the first line in the response from support:

Sorry about that Christopher!

Only my mom calls me Christopher! Next they're going to be sending me care packages.

Web Counters Are Down!

I just got a call from a user of our free web counters, letting us know that their counter wasn't displaying properly. Our web host moved us to a less crowded server yesterday, and it looks like the the site that is hosting our counter is having some server issues. We have submitted a ticket, and DreamHost is usually very good with their support, so I'm guessing we will be back on-line shortly.

I'll keep you posted!

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