Crazy Egg - One more web analytics tool review before calling it a night

I'm coming to the end of my web analytics heat map blog-a-thon, and have one more post in me before calling it quits.

After testing out the web analytics software, I tested out the seemingly popular (based on other blog entries on the subject) Crazy Egg heat map analytics tool. I let it sit long enough to get a few clicks to see how the service differs from the ClickHeat program.

Using the ClickHeat Web Service on a Drupal Site

Since it doesn't look like there is currently a Drupal Module available yet for ClickHeat, I thought I'd just to a quick how-to integration until someone puts together a module for it (maybe me!):

  1. Download ClickHeat and unzip / unpack it.
  2. Upload the whole clickheat folder to your root web site folder
  3. Visit the clickheat folder in your browser, as in

The ClickHeat Web Site Service - A Heated Review

ClickHeat Screen ShotClickHeat Screen Shot

The ClickHeat web site service is one of many out there that allow you to view a 'heat map' of clicks overlaid on any of your web site's pages. The heat map colors areas that get a greater number of clicks with a brighter color. I haven't yet had a chance to compare it with other, similar web site services out there, but out-of-the-box, this one has a lot going for it.

The Pros of the ClickHeat web site service

Heat Map Web Analytics Test #1

Holy cow, I didn't know web analytics could be this fun! I installed ClickHeat on a local server, ran a couple of tests, and then loaded it to my live site. After a few minutes, here's what one of our popular MySpace CSS articles looked like:

Heat MapHeat Map

Tell me that's not a whole lot of fun!

What do these particular analytics tell me about my web site?

Before getting into a review of ClickHeat, let's see what we can glean from the heat map above:

"Inspired By My Mouse" or "Heat Maps"

I've experimented with a number of mice over the last couple of years (I don't mean the fuzzy kind) and keep coming back to this 10-dollar HP optical mouse. It was the first mouse I had that glowed all the time, and maybe for that reason it's carved out a special place in my heart.

Because this particular mouse has been subject to so much handling, it's got some battle marks. Take a look:

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