Say please to Google

Say please to Google

Would there be any possible usability / interface benefit to Google handling interjections, like 'please' and 'thank you'? I might find it more personable to feel like by taking the time to add these parts of speech in, I could get different results, possibly more pleasing to my particular mood. Perhaps Google could add in some emoticons for the quality of the results, like a smiley face for a good result set, a confused face for misspellings, a frowny face for no results.

And maybe take it a little further, and add negative interjections, as in 'Get me my SERP, jerk!'. Sometimes I'm feeling a little more edgy than others, and appreciate a bit of banter.

Google seems to adhere to a pretty sparse interface, which makes it quick and unkludgy, and I kind of like that. And I can't see myself using Google any more just because it's more reactive to my mood . But it could add a nice little touch of randomness to my sometimes relentless searching, some variation, a bit of color.

And, I guess, technically it would be difficult to identify when someone was adding in mood in their search, and when the mood-indicating words were actually part of the topic being searched for.

Eh, those guys are smart, I'm sure they'd figure it out.

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