MySQL plans to slap Drupal. Geek fight!

MySQL plans to slap Drupal. Geek fight!

A couple days ago I attended the monthly Boise geek-together (The Boise Web Technologies Meetup) where we had a round-table discussion on our software development process, mostly regarding web applications. There were folks there from a number of different disciplines, ages and experience, and it was nice to hear how different-sized organizations set up their systems.

There was a representative there from MySQL, who presented a couple Meetups ago (a super cool presentation by the way), who mentioned that he was planning to do some load testing on MySQL using Drupal as a platform. The load test is apparently called a "slap", and the visuals that it brings to mind are amusing. If I had more energy at this early hour, I'd put together a graphic of personified logos duking it out.

Splitting Drupal across different servers

The "slap" will test if there could be a performance boost by splitting up different types of queries between different servers through a proxy. So for instance, all read queries could go to one server, and write ones to another, or possibly splitting up heavy-load pages between servers on a page-by-page basis. He said that he would probably be doing the testing sometime in December, though he's not guaranteeing that the tests will actually bring about any kind of epiphanies in how to optimize Drupal across multiple servers.

I just thought it was pretty cool that a real MySQL guy is going to be using Drupal to test MySQL.

Discussion on this post:

Geek-together? I like it!

Hey Chris... I think the Boise Geek-Together should be the new official name of our group. Maybe we'll vote on it next time... ;)

Thanks for the mention and see if you can get some of your fellow Boise Drupaleers to come to the next meetup... err, I mean Geek-Together. We'll probably be discussing how to build our new site in Drupal. Take care!

Hi Patrick! I will

Hi Patrick! I will definitely plug the Web Technologies meetup at the next Drupal Boise Group meeting. At the last (small) meeting, three of the four of us had attended the Meetup, so I'm sure we plugged it to the fourth person. The next Drupal Boise Group meeting is this Wednesday, hopefully at 5:30, and I'll mention it again then. It seems like the group is definitely filling an important need among developers to connect with other folks of a like mind. I'm hoping that the coordinators can swing a more informal meeting place sometime soon, like you mentioned to me after the Meetup, to see if a round-table setup would generate even more discussion.

I kind of like 'Geek-Together', too, but I think we'd have to stick 'Web' in there somewhere. I really appreciate about the group is the focus on web technologies, rather than anything and everything geeky.

Talk to you soon!

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