Boise Idaho Drupal Development - Not enough?

Boise Idaho Drupal Development - Not enough?

As a member and fellow instigator of the Boise Idaho Drupal Development group, I am (somewhat painfully) aware that there are either few Drupal developers in the Treasure Valley, or that there's loads and they don't get out much. Nor do they have web sites (which seems unlikely).

However, having only mentioned Drupal on my web site once or twice now, it has come to my attention that there is a pretty significant need for Drupal developers in the Boise, Idaho area. How come? Because I've already had 3 calls in the last three weeks requesting proposals or introductory interviews from folks wanting Drupal development, and the first one came before I had even mentioned Drupal on my site. They had dug me up from the Boise Idaho Drupal user group.

Why the huge need in Boise Idaho for Drupal development?

I actually don't think there's a particularly large need for Drupal development in the Boise area, or in Idaho in particular. I think it's a worldwide phenomenon, and as more businesses start to understand what Drupal is and what it's capable of, it's only going to get worse (better).

I'm excited at the prospect. Drupal allows developers to improve the quality of their coding, and splits the design from the programming, both of which make for an excellent web development business framework. As a business expands, designers who don't know anything about code can be hired and fired alongside developers who don't give a hoot about design (the whole View-Model-Controller schema, to throw in a geeky buzzword).

Boise Idaho, here comes Drupal

There's no way to get around it, web sites in the Boise Idaho area area going to start improving in quality as more and more sites are built on the Drupal framework. As more development firms start to embrace the idea, consumers will have a bit more choice in the matter. Right now, based on my super limited research, there are only two firms in the Boise area specializing in Drupal development, and a couple of others that mention it in their 'everything under the sun' list of services. Drupal allows for de-centralized development, meaning that the code is fairly portable from one developer to another. Another level of competition / cooperation among web developers might do the Treasure Valley some good.

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