Setting Up a Domain Name Registration Account With Godaddy

Setting Up a Domain Name Registration Account With Godaddy

One of the best web sites available to register domain names is GoDaddy. I personally have worked with the GoDaddy domain registrar for over four years, and know that they just keep improving the tools they offer to help you manage your web domains. Therefore, I encourage my web design clients to use GoDaddy to register their domain name.

Creating An Account By Purchasing A Domain Name

Probably the easiest way to create a GoDaddy account is to purchase a domain name directly from them. All of their domain names are under ten dollars, which is a fairly affordable price, especially considering the number of tools they offer for management of your domain names. To create an account with GoDaddy by purchasing a domain name, take the following steps:

Step 1: See If Your Domain Name is Available

The GoDaddy home page ( has a simple form you can fill out with the domain name you are contemplating and the extension (.com, .net, .org, etc.) you prefer. After submitting this form, GoDaddy will tell if your domain name is available and will offer some possible alternatives should it already be taken.

Step 2: Select Your Domain Name and Press "Continue"

Place a checkmark next to the domain name (or names) you want to purchase and click continue. GoDaddy will then offer to sell you a number of other domain names with your purchase at a discounted price. Make your choice by clicking the button of your preference.

Step 3: Fill in your Domain Name Registrant Information

Your domain name registrant is the information you want tied to ownership of the domain name. Requests to transfer the domain name to another owner will always to send to the registrant's email address. Note that you can add several other contacts for the domain name, including a technical, billing and administrative contact. By default, these are all set to the contact information of the domain name owner.

After you press the continue button, the GoDaddy will ask for some optional statistical information from you. Click continue to move to the next step.

Step 4: Choose a Public or Private Domain Name Registration

The contact information you supply for the domain name's registrant is, by default, publicly available. Your contact information can be found on any site with access to a "whois" database (take a look at for an example). If this contact information is sensitive, or you don't want it associated with the domain name, you can choose to use a private registration. There is an extra cost, but I typically go for this option if the domain name isn't associated with my primary business. You also probably would want to keep your domain name public if you are purchasing the domain name to sell later.

On this step, you also choose the duration of your registration. It is set to 2 years by default, but since registering for 2 years usually doesn't offer any price breaks, you can change this to 1 year. The domain name is by default set to automatically renew, so when it's 90 days before your domain name is set to renew you will receive an e-mail notice, giving you the option to turn off the automatic renewal.

Also, unless you want to wade through a couple pages of add-ons, select the "QUICK CHECKOUT" option, which will bypass all of these and send you straight to the checkout process.

Step 5: Checkout

The first checkout page will as you to read the Domain Registration Agreement as well as their Universal Terms of Service, and will let you choose your payment method.

Once you click "Checkout Now", you will be forwarded to the final checkout page, where you fill out the typical credit card information you would for any online purchase.

Creating An Account By Having a Domain Name Transferred to You

The second method for creating an account can be used if someone else has registered a domain name on your behalf. They can create an account for you by visiting their domain name management area and filling out a form to transfer the domain name to you. This will create a temporary account which you can visit and confirm the domain name transfer.

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