I didn't go to business school, and neither did Bill Gates

I didn't go to business school, and neither did Bill Gates

You Don't Need to Go to Business School to Start a Business

The opportunities in America for continuing education after high school, especially schools specializing in business, are much greater than they are in most of the rest of the world. Taking advantage of this availability in business schooling is a great idea, if it fits in the scheme of your life.

However, for many attending college isn't possible. If so, this article is meant to be encouraging. If you've never has business schooling, you can still start a business.

Life is the great business school

Arguably, you can learn more about business outside of school than you can in your classes. In class, you learn theory and you hear about other people's experience. You can also pick up some pretty good skills in accounting. However, on the whole, you will re-learn everything when you actually start a business.

Real life is rarely like what you think it's going to be like. Starting a business means developing a range of experience to help you deal with unique situations, the likes of which you might never come close to in a business school setting.

Having a business schools you to reality

Every business starts with a dream, or a the least an idea. As you start working on and at your business, you will start to see that how you thought the process of building your business would go is going very differently than you had planned. I've come to the conclusion that in some ways, shooling after high school can perpetuate and deapen the concepts of how a business actually works, and may cause greater difficulty once the business is started.

School is good, but a combination of business experience and school is better

It's typically not until a student's junior or senior year of college that the school actually requires real-life business practicums. In my opinion, practical business experience should be part of every year of college, and perhaps even the last couple of years of high school.

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