Going Ga-Ga for Search Engine Marketing

Going Ga-Ga for Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing, an expensive and popular endeavor

For the last five years or so, search engine marketing has become an increasingly popular promotional technique. As the popularity of the medium has increased, so have the costs of playing the game. Pay-per-click advertisements are being driven up in costs as the demand for online advertising space increases. Organic search engine marketing is a long-term, uncertain and often costly endeavor.

So here's the real question: is all the hype over search engine marketing is really worth your attention? Let's find out!

Paid vs. Organic Search Engine Marketing

Paid Search Engine Marketing

There are two basic methods of search engine marketing. The first is paid search engine marketing. Using this strategy, you pay for advertising on search engine result pages (commonly known as SERPs). With many companies dealing in paid search engine marketing, the advertisments are also shown on other web pages where the content of the page seems to match the topic of your ad.

Organic Search Engine Marketing

Organic search engine marketing consists of building up the reputation of your web site with quality content and incoming links in an effort to rise to the top of search engine result pages. In this marketplace, you are competing with hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of web pages all focusing on the same topic as your site.

Getting a significant enough of a reputation to beat out the competition takes a lot of time and effort. Search engines are also slow to reward sites for building reputation quickly, so the time you put in now might not pay off for months down the road.

So, is search engine marketing worth my time and money?

The fact that the search engine marketing marketplace is thriving means that a lot of individuals are throwing in their lot with at least with the paid method. On popular topics, companies will pay 2-20 dollars per click on their advertisments. Since the market determines the cost, these advertisers must be getting a bang for their buck, otherwise they would drop out.

While competing with advertisers for popular topics can be expensive, there are still some significant opportunities with less popular topics that can offer even a greater return on investment.

And what about organic search engine marketing

While it's difficult to track how much web site owners are making off of organic search engine marketing, many people make their living off of the business leads they get from organic search engine results.

In conclusion

Search engine marketing, in either its organic or paid form, is still a growing marketplace, and until it reaches its saturation point, there are still significant opportunities to be had.

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