Don't Get Stuck With the Wrong Ecommerce Hosting

Don't Get Stuck With the Wrong Ecommerce Hosting

Ecommerce hosting needs are unique

If you are launching a new ecommerce web site, your ecommerce hosting needs are going to be unique. In addition to a basic web hosting plan, you will need support for your ecommerce platform.

Ecommerce hosting - The basic needs

As far as ecommerce hosting goes, your basic needs will be similar to most other web sites. You need enough bandwidth to support the number of visitors you're expecting to get, and you need enough hard drive space to store your data. For large ecommerce sites, your hosting account may need more space than is typically provided.

Over time, as your database of order and user activity expands, you will likely need to expand the space allowed on your ecommerce hosting account, so knowing that you have the option to expand your allotment later is important.

Ecommerce hosting upport for your payment processor

Once you have decided on a payment gateway processor for your ecommerce web site, you need to make sure that your web host supports them. Many processors requires that your ecommerce hosting providor has certain programs, or API (Advanced Programming Interface) installed on their server in order for you to use their service.

What happens if my ecommerce hosting provider doesn't support my payment processor?

If your ecommerce hosting provider doesn't support your online payment gateway, there are two things you can do:

1. Contact customer support and ask them if they would be willing to install the necessary program. It may take some work to get their attention, but be persistant.

2. If option number 1 doesn't work out, then you will either need to change your online payment gateway or your ecommerce hosting provider. Either way, make sure that the new ecommerce hosting provider supports your current online payment gateway, or that the gateway you switch to is supported by your current hosting provider.

Don't get stuck, do your research

Some payment gateways are more widely supported by hosting providers, like Authorize.NET, and some hosting providers have wider support for the less popular payment gateways. To insure that you don't get stuck with a hosting provider that doesn't meet your needs, do a bit of research before hand to make sure that the combination you choose will be supported.

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