Domain name registration is easier than throwing rocks!

Domain name registration is easier than throwing rocks!

Domain name registration is easier than throwing rocks

While there are few connections between stone tossing and domain name registration, one parallel is the shear ease of doing either one.

For an individual who is just starting to design their own web sites, the learning curve of understanding all of the technology, the lingo, and the concepts behind the web can be a big challenge. When it comes to the registration of your first domain name, most people don't know where to look outside of their favorite web browser's address bar.

Domain name registration starts with a search

A common method of checking for the availability of a domain name for registration is to type in the desired domain name in your web browser. However, there are a couple of potential problems with this method:

The domain name could have no hosting account associated with it

Even if it doesn't look like there is a web site behind a domain name, it still might not be available for registration. Sometimes people purchase domain names as investments, in the hope of selling them later at a profit, or starting a web site at a later date. In these cases, they may not have a hosting account associated with it, an the domain name will look like it's available for registration.

The domain name could be "parked"

A "parked" domain name is one that has already gone through the registration process, but is being hosted at a domain name registrar's web site.

How to search for a domain name

My favorite place to search for a domain name is over at You can easily check to see if multiple domain names are available for registration with a single input. They also store your previous domain name searches so that registration is easier later on. One more plus is that you can search for multiple domain name extensions like .net, .us, and .com before you decide on one for registration.

Next, it's time for real domain name registration

While I like Network Solutions for searching for a domain name, I like the prices of domain name registration at a whole lot better. They offer some nice domain name management tools as well.

To complete the domain name registration, you just add a domain name to your shopping cart and checkout, just as you would to purchase a season of Seinfeld. And that's it, badda bing, badda boom!

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