A Business Card to Be Remembered

A Business Card to Be Remembered

"You don't have a business card?"

In the first few months after starting my business, I didn't have any business cards. I don't know how much business I lost as a result, but I do now that you won't catch me without a wallet full of business cards again until I'm retired. People at every function I went to in order to promote my business asked me about business cards, and for every one that asked, there were at least two I should have given my card to anywa.

A business card is your ticket to a future

I don't mean that a business card is going to get you rich, but at the least a business card actas as your ticket to a future with potential clients. Even if they don't ask you for one, you still need to give it to them. In every area of business there are other business that do what yours does. If there wasn't, that means there's no market for what you do and you might be in for a struggle to get business. You will be competing with others for the same customers, and if that customer has someone else's phone number and not yours, you're not even competing, you've already resigned.

The trick is standing out from the crowd. The next best thing to laying on someone's desk until they agree to hire you is having your business card there instead. For professional reasons, you may want your business card to look like a typical corporate business card, but there are some other creative options that might tip the scales in your favor.

A diamond business card

One business card I recieved from another business owner was one with a small, real diamond taped to the back. Even though I wasn't really in the market for their goods, I kept that card around for a couple of months. The diamond wasn't worth much because it was so small, but hey, it was a real diamond!

A business card coin

This one was the same kind of concept. The business card information was embedded on a heavy golden coin, the kind you just like to have in your pocket because it's fun to flip. I kept this one for several months as well, even though I wasn't really a prospect.

A CD-rom business card

If you need to get across a lot of information in a small amount of space, nothing beats a mini-CD. It's the same size as a business card, and you can fit your portfolio, a video introduction to your business, whatever you need.

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