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What About Designing My Own Web Site?

One of the Most Common Web Design Questions Ever

As a professional web design, one common question I receive from business owners is "should I design my own web site?" It's a good question because web site design and development often demands a premium from businesses without guaranteed results. Also, web sites usually take a bit of time to mature before they start developing a good amount of traffic. So looking to save costs by developing a web site in-house is a good train of thought that deserves a thoughtful answer.

Why Do I Need Web Hosting?

If you want a web site, you will need web hosting. Basically, web hosting provides a way for people to access your web site through the internet. Without it, there would be no way for people to see the page.

To Understand Web Hosting, You Need To Know What a Web Page Is

A web page is, simply put, a file. When you or your designer builds a web page, you or they save it as a file on a computer. If the file remains on your computer, the only way anyone will see if is if they're snooping around a bit.

How to Pick a Good Domain Name

The criteria you use to pick a good domain name depends on how you want your domain name to work for you. For instance, if your focus is going to be on using the domain name to tell search engines about the nature of your web site, then you will most likely take a different approach than if you were choosing a domain name that is easily memorable. My personal preference is to integrate the two approaches as much as possible.

Setting Up a Domain Name Registration Account With Godaddy

One of the best web sites available to register domain names is GoDaddy. I personally have worked with the GoDaddy domain registrar for over four years, and know that they just keep improving the tools they offer to help you manage your web domains. Therefore, I encourage my web design clients to use GoDaddy to register their domain name.

What is Web Hosting?

If you're just starting out in web design, you've probably heard of web hosting but might not yet have a firm grasp on what it actually is. This is a quick little article to lay down the basics of web hosting so you can wonder no more!

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