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The goal of this article is to bring together the best Search Engine Optimization techniques available, and also to consolidate some of the SEO resources available on this site.

Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

Currently this article is a placeholder for the upcoming Search Engine Optimization (SEO) article.

Starting an Online Business Directory - A Great Way to Get Links

Lots of businesses are looking for a good online business directory

If you've ever tried to promote a business online, finding a good, targeted business directory is a challenge. But the demand for good business directories is high, creating an imballance between supply and demand that you can take advantage of.

Most businesses with web sites seek online business directories to get some good targeted traffic back to their web site. The more specific a business directory is, the more potential there is for targetted traffic.

The Advantages of Internet Advertising vs. Traditional Advertising

Internet advertising is huge

With the growth of information on the internet has growth the amount of time people spend on it, which has in turn generated a new market for internet advertising. Some of the wealthiest companies in the world have made sure that they get a piece of the internet marketing pie, and for a good reason.

Need Help Grokking the Myspace Layout Structure? No Problem!

The Myspace profile layout is made of tables

The first thing to understand about the Myspace layout structure is that is is made of tables. Tables are a way to use HTML to display content in a columns and rows. I personally think the layout of the Myspace profile page could use some improvement, but in this case you have to work with what you've got.

Adding Stickability to your Business Web Site

The longer visitors are on your business web site, the greater the opportunity for branding

Some visitors who come to your business web site will know what they're looking for, but many others need guidance. Some of them are considering the competition, and if they are shopping online, your business web site has to out-shine the others to get the business.

Adding a Myspace Background With CSS

Getting customized with a Myspace background

Customizing a Myspace background is incredibly easy. First, though, it's important to consider what kind of Myspace background you'd like: a large image or a repeating background.

Beginning CSS Tutorial for Myspace Layouts

Designing a Myspace layout requires CSS

Myspace is one of the most popular mediums for people wanting to get the word out about themselves, and becauase a Myspace page is so personal, most folks want a little personalization of their Myspace layout. Myspace has some major constraints how much you can alter their layout, but there's one way you can leverage the tools you're given for some serious customization: CSS!

Add Some Pizzazz to Your Myspace Layout by Formatting Text with CSS

Formatting the text in your Myspace layout is easy with CSS

For the most part, the Myspace layout structure allows you some decent freedom for making your text look exactly the way you want it to by using CSS. First, let's take a look at a few of the classes that the Myspace layout employs:

.nametext - The Myspace css class used for the name at the top of the page

.whitetext12 - The css class used for "Contacting Bob", "Bob's Interests" and "Bob's Details"

Keeping the Internet Business Dream Alive

The days of easy internet business opportunities are, unfortunately, over

If you're just about to jump on the internet business bandwagon, welcome aboard! You're in for quite a ride. Running an internet business can mean shifting to a lifestyle you've been dreaming about for quite a while. Or, this could be your first venture into the workplace. Either way, it's important to get one thing straight:

PPC Search Engine Results May One Day Rule as King

How long until all search engines are PPC?

The world's major search engines have gradually been introducing different forms of advertisements into their result pages over the last several years, and sometimes I wonder how long it will be before they become entirely PPC search engines.

Don't Get Stuck With the Wrong Ecommerce Hosting

Ecommerce hosting needs are unique

If you are launching a new ecommerce web site, your ecommerce hosting needs are going to be unique. In addition to a basic web hosting plan, you will need support for your ecommerce platform.

Is Email Marketing Spam?

Is email marketing Spam? - A good question to ask your marketing exec

With the growth of the internet, email marketing has become an increasingly popular medium for getting the word out there about your businesses. But, as more and more businesses turn to email marketing, email recipients are getting more and more fed up with the relentless attacks on their inboxes.

I didn't go to business school, and neither did Bill Gates

You Don't Need to Go to Business School to Start a Business

The opportunities in America for continuing education after high school, especially schools specializing in business, are much greater than they are in most of the rest of the world. Taking advantage of this availability in business schooling is a great idea, if it fits in the scheme of your life.

However, for many attending college isn't possible. If so, this article is meant to be encouraging. If you've never has business schooling, you can still start a business.

Is Business VOIP a Good Alternative to a Traditional Phone Line?

The sometimes prohibitive cost of a communications network can make business VOIP a viable, less expensive option for small business. In this short article, I will be going over some of the pros and cons of using VOIP for your business communications.

A Business Card to Be Remembered

"You don't have a business card?"

In the first few months after starting my business, I didn't have any business cards. I don't know how much business I lost as a result, but I do now that you won't catch me without a wallet full of business cards again until I'm retired. People at every function I went to in order to promote my business asked me about business cards, and for every one that asked, there were at least two I should have given my card to anywa.

Going Ga-Ga for Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing, an expensive and popular endeavor

For the last five years or so, search engine marketing has become an increasingly popular promotional technique. As the popularity of the medium has increased, so have the costs of playing the game. Pay-per-click advertisements are being driven up in costs as the demand for online advertising space increases. Organic search engine marketing is a long-term, uncertain and often costly endeavor.

Domain name registration is easier than throwing rocks!

Domain name registration is easier than throwing rocks

While there are few connections between stone tossing and domain name registration, one parallel is the shear ease of doing either one.

For an individual who is just starting to design their own web sites, the learning curve of understanding all of the technology, the lingo, and the concepts behind the web can be a big challenge. When it comes to the registration of your first domain name, most people don't know where to look outside of their favorite web browser's address bar.

Make Some Money With Reseller Web Hosting

A little about reseller web hosting

Many web hosting providers offer particular web hosting plans call "reseller web hosting". These plans are offered to individuals who want to try to do just that, re-sell their company's web hosting services.

What do web hosting providers offer reseller hosting?

A reseller relationship between the web host and the re-seller works like this:

The Best Web Hosting Experience I've Had

My web hosting provider retired!

I'm a web designer and developer, and I've had experience with several different web hosting companies. The first web hosting provider I worked with decided to retire and left their clients high and dry, with no way to access their files. I was lucky in that I only had my own web site to worry about and didn't have to answer to unhappy clients suffering the same fate.

Shared or Dedicated Web Hosting, That's the Question

First, what's shared web hosting?

Shared web hosting is the most common form of hosting out there because it comes fairly cheap. The "shared" part means that your web site and online files share hard drive space with other customers on the same computer. Shared web hosting accounts usually come with a limited amount of space and a certain amount of bandwidth.

You Don't Need to Pay an Arm and a Leg for Web Hosting

You Don't Need to Pay an Arm and a Leg for Web Hosting

If you're in the web hosting market for the first time, the options available to you can be daunting. You probably know that getting web hosting is a necessary part of getting a web site online, but if haven't shopped around and are vague on some of the technical aspects of web hosting, you have a little bit of a learning curve ahead of you.

Your First Web Page Tutorial

A Quick Intro to HTML

Seeing as we're just starting to put some articles together for Web Design Factory, I thought maybe we should start from the ground up. If you've never built a web page before, this article is for you. If you're a step beyond being a newbie, you'll be able to quickly identify if you've surpassed this level of design.

Usability Tips for Ecommerce Web Design

Potential ecommerce customers will typically scan a number of web sites before deciding on one to buy from, so it is important that your web design be structured for usability.

A Definition of Usability in Ecommerce Web Design

Usability is a subjective rating of how easy a web site is to use, and in the case of ecommerce, how likely it is that a potential customer will be converted to a real one. A measurement of usability consists of several different factors, but boils down to how well a web site gives its visitors what they a really looking for.

Ecommerce is More Than a Shopping Cart

Because of the complexity involved with developing an ecommerce web site, it is easy to get tied up with the technical intricacies of integrating or developing a shopping cart and put the customers's experience in second place.

The percentage of shopping carts that are abandoned on ecommerce web sites before a potential customers makes it to the home stretch range between 30 and 60%, depending on the research you read.

What is a Content Management System?

A Content Management System Primer

"Content Management System" is a catchphrase that's still catching some serious wind out there on the web, but not everybody understands what it is or why someone would want one. This short article will help you wrap your mind around the concept of a content management system.

Three Search Engine Optimization Tips for URL's the SEO Firms Won't Tell You

Quick Search Engine Optimization Primer

It's time to stop letting the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) firms have the upper hand when it comes to secret knowledge about how search engines work! Even if you end up hiring an SEO firm to optimize your web site, you should have some knowledge about what they might suggest you do, and how to qualify the fees they charge.

The three SEO tips I offer below are straightforward, but they are also some of the most powerful techniques and insights into the way search engines work that you will find.

If You're Not Getting Search Engine Traffic From Google, You Might Be Doing Something Wrong

How To Find the Sources of Your Web Traffic

There are three major search engines battling for 95% of search engine traffic out there: Google, Yahoo and MSN. Of these three, Google has the majority market share, with figures ranging from 50% all the way to 90% of all traffic received. This means that if you're receiving more traffic from MSN or Yahoo, that you might be using techniques on your site that make it difficult for Google to index your pages. Losing out on traffic from Google can translate to a loss in real sales and conversions.

Five Reasons to Use a Search Engine Friendly Shopping Cart

Many of the most popular shopping carts have been around since before the era of search engine friendly-ness. Because of the age of the carts and their reliance on already-developed code, many of them have had difficulty shifting focus to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO shopping carts are especially important for ecommerce web sites because for many, the entire site consists of the shopping cart software. If search engines can't index the the site, it gets a huge penalty on search engine result pages.

In Modern Ecommerce You Need an Edge

The online marketplace has changed dramatically in the last eight years, with ecommerce growing in popularity and competitiveness. Ecommerce on a broad range of products is being done so well by sites like Amazon.com and eBay.com that getting a piece of the e-business pie requires focusing in different areas than the big players do.

What is the Difference Between Web Design and Web Development?

Some of the time, the terms "web design" and "web development" are used interchangeably, but the two phrases actually mean two different things. So that you don't get stuck with a service you didn't sign up for, I will go through the two terms and describe them thoroughly.

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